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I created a website with some code examples I wrote. I'm fine with people downloading the source code and letting them use it as they wish. But I'd like to put some language on my website saying that the code can only be posted on my website. I don't want people to take my source and post it on their own websites as their own. I'd like to at least get the credit for the code by having people visit my site.

While I know in reality people will do whatever they want, I'd at least like some kind of evidence that I tried protecting myself in case I ever need to bring this against an individual that is maliciously posting or using the code examples I've written.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

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Ryan ChongCommented:
Some ideas:

1. Try save your code examples into your web server, but in a local folder that is not accessible by URL.

2. To download your code examples, the user must "agree" with your disclaimer page, where in your disclaimer page, after submission, it will assign a session variable to process page.

3. In your process page, we use this session variable to identify user's request. If that session is valid, we write some scripting (server side scripting language) to stream down your file.

get the idea?
What language are you using to implement your webpage?  I've used Masterpages with ASP 2.0 and it makes it pretty difficult for people to download all of the sorce of my webpage as the bulk of it is held in the Main MasterPage template.  Actually the only code they are capable of downloading is information set in any contentplaceholders.
DJ_AM_JuiceboxAuthor Commented:
I see what you mean - at least this way I can argue they had to physically agree to a disclaimer before downloading.

The source code is C++ so people will be downloading as a zip file, I'm not trying to protect the source code of the web page itself.
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