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Using CASE to convert NULL to convert NULL to a varchar with datetime and varchar field

I'm obviously novice at SQL.  I am creating a stored procedure and I am creating a tempory table and using this statement as one of the insert values.

(case when Checks.ditronicsSettledate = NULL then CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),'NA')
 else (SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),Checks.ditronicsSettleDate, 101) AS [MM/DD/YYYY])

what I am trying to do is if a Checks.dtironicsSettledate is NULL I want to store the value NA , else I want to store the date in the character field.

Chekcs.ditronicsSettledate is a datetime field. and the field I am using this statement to insert into is a varchar(11) field.

The sp compiles fine but when I run it , NULL is not replaced by NA. I tried the statement with out the CONVERT(varchar(11),NA) as just Checks.ditronicsSettledate = NULL than 'NA' but I recieved errors regarding not being able to convert and int to a varchar.

1 Solution
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
(case when Checks.ditronicsSettledate IS NULL then 'NA'
 else (SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),Checks.ditronicsSettleDate, 101) AS [MM/DD/YYYY])

svasilakosAuthor Commented:
Of course not THEN. I must be tired. Thank you very, very much
Definately cannot use  somevalue = NULL.   That will always test false because NULL is not equal to anything. Try

(case when Checks.ditronicsSettledate IS NULL then
    CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),Checks.ditronicsSettleDate, 101)
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you don't need CASE:

COALESCE( CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),Checks.ditronicsSettleDate, 101) ,'NA') AS [MM/DD/YYYY],
Try this one
(SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(11), ISNULL(Checks.ditronicsSettleDate, 'NA'), 101) AS [MM/DD/YYYY])

I think this should work.

Agree, COALESCE or ISNULL is preferable to CASE.  Please disregard my proposed solution.

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