Documents slow to open when double clicking

Computer is a member of a Windows 2003 domain and when connected to the network it is slow to double click open documents, whether word, excel, txt or whatever. Opening up files direct from word, excel is ok - it is just double clicking or right click/open that is slow (like about 10 seconds).

Both networked and local documents experience this problem. If the network is unplugged the problem goes away.

The PC is a new core 2 duo lenovo, 1 gig ram etc. All windows updates are installed as well as office xp service packs.
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Hi Snaggle,

See if this article helps.

Right-click is extremely slow only when Network is enabled:

Ignore the article title/description.
SnaggleAuthor Commented:
I have had a look at this, but the PC does not have winzip or any other archiver instaled.
SnaggleAuthor Commented:
The problem has been resolved. The above link by Genius was heading in the right direction, although it was not winzip causing the problem, rather adobe illustrator.

I installed ethereal and captured the packets as the document was opened and noticed that there were about a dozen or so network broadcasts. When I looked into the packets I could see it was trying to reference a particular PC that no longer exists on the network.

I then searched the registry as the link suggests and removed the references to that pc.
Excellent! Glad you got this issue resolved. BTW, "WinZip" reference in that article was provided only as an example.
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