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Sonicwall firewall VPN works except we cannot browse to web while connected

Hi Experts,

We just installed and configured a Sonicwall tz190 and the Sonicwall Global VPN client software and almost everything appears to be working.

We can connect using the VPN Client software
We get a private IP address after connecting
We can see our network shares and printer


We cannot then browse to the web.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed.  Be gentle...we're new with this product.

Jason C. Levine
Jason C. Levine
1 Solution
Normally when you connect to VPN, a dynamic route is added to your routing table which enables routing from your machine to the remote subnet. For eg, if you get as virtual private IP address, and your mask is 24-bit, you would have a route with mask and gateway [working of split tunneling].

If you have configured sonicwall where all the traffic flows over VPN, or subnet with mask, you need to change this.

To check whether this is the case, before you connect VPN on command prompt of your client machine run command:
route print
Now establish VPN tunnel and run above command again. If you see subnet with mask and virtual private IP as gateway here lies the problem.

Thank you.
Jason C. LevineNo oneAuthor Commented:
That did it, thanks.
I too have this problem.  I did a ROUTE DELETE of the bad default route and did a ROUTE ADD of the proper default route.  This fixed the problem.  Now... how do I automate this?  I don't want to be deleteing and adding routes everytime I create a tunnel...  Is there a setting somewhere in the VPN Client that takes care of this?  Do I have to create a script?  (messy)
Heads up, for me the problem was that my Everyone group had everything added. Apparently you should only put in the specific LAN's you need as adding everything will break it.

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