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Ext2 Installable File System For Windows

Anybody use it? http://www.fs-driver.org/
I have couple of questions
1. is it stable, can I install applications on ext2 filesystem?
2. Does it support fsck after crash, or I have to run linux to do fsck?
 I tried it, mounted ext2 on my WinXP, copied file to ext2, rebooted to linux(wanted verify priviledges the file was created with). What was my suprise when I realized there is no such file? Moreover, rebooting back to Windows showed no such file as well?
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2 Solutions
Hi, ravenpl.

Really interesting product. I guess the problem is in ext3 fs type on your Linux: http://www.fs-driver.org/faq.html#acc_ext3 and unclean dismount (which _may_ occur when you reboot machine to Linux). To check FS type on Linux: "mount -l"
To ensure that the problem in FS type, try to mount your FS without loading journal under Linux (in /etc/fstab add ext3,noload option).

What about 1) and 2) - never mind. Let's wait for other's replies...
ravenplAuthor Commented:
The ext3 was cleanly umounted. In fact fs-driver will not mount ext3 if journal is not clean.
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ravenplAuthor Commented:
I found two more. Anybody have some experiences with them? I'm concerning stability.
ravenpl, hi again.

I found more links to EX2FS Windows drivers: http://ext2fsd.sourceforge.net/resources/resources.htm#links

Crossmeta seems to be more stable then others. You may check their discussion group: http://groups.google.com/group/crossmeta-file-system-drivers/
and positives:

What about ext2fsd:
You may find there bugs like "wiped my partition!" and "Complete folder and files disappear from disk". Probably this project is not so stable (still beta, 2 developers and 9 month from last release).


I'm using it everyday without any problem at all. It save me from a f*****g virus which has deleted lots of files on my C: drive.

I use the ext3 drive for storing my documents, I've never tried to install applications on it.

To do a filesystem check, I use linux only.

Never try to use the fs with the ifs driver and something else (for instance vmware) or you will have to filesytem check (boot linux on a livecd for instance if not installed anymore) !

You should try this FS extension too :

SwapFS let's you share your linux swap partition with windows (so you get a new drive and can put you pagefile.sys file on it)

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