Displaying Images from local drive to HTML


Here's my situation.
Is there any way of passing images from local machine to be displayed in HTML?
HTML is on server.
I tried setting the img src to point to the files in local machine and it seems to be working in IE6 but not IE7.
Can anyone point me to a better solution.
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One thing you will have to do is add the domain you are running the code on to your browser's trusted sites.  Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites, then add http://www.yoursite.com to your trusted sites, or whatever server you are running it on.  It should display local images after that.
you can use the image in html page if they are stored on a network path
like for exampl,y if the server and the local machine are connect via network, html on server can fetch the image if you will give the source to the network path to the local machine.

if server and local machines are not connected via same network, there is no way that the html can fetch images locally stored in any other machine out of this network and this applies to all the browsers.

im not sure what type of connection or network is present in your case, but if there is no network, IE6 should also not work in any case.
SithHaxAuthor Commented:
They're connected via internet.
Local machine would go to site and commence download of some activex components.
Then I need to display image that is on the local machine via IE.
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http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
Can we see your code ?
server can connect to internet
local machine can connect to internet

but the files present on local machine is not avilable online because it cannot act like a web server
you have to put the files online, locally files cannot be fetched using internet.
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
I dont think it has anything to do with Internet access...as eh said..IE6 is working fine.
IE6 should not work also.....there is no way a server can fetch files from a local machine if they are not connected via network.....only possibility to fetch the files is, if the files are uploaded online. IE6 perhaps looking somewhere else.
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
Either storing online or setting up reverse natting on the router
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