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PHP framework and connection pooling


3 quick questions on PHP 5:

1. Does PHP5 supports some ORM or any framework like Hibbernate in JAVA?

2. There is something like pear and pickle packages in PHP. Can this be used for abstraction? If yes, how? Or can I have some URL that shows how do achieve this?

3. In my design doc for the project with PHP, how do I show connection pooling, having singleton implementation for connection, connection construct.

2 Solutions
The good one in PHP is Zend Frame work

Some others are there
Cake PHP - http://www.cakephp.org/
Symfony - http://www.symfony-project.com/ 
1. Does PHP5 supports some ORM or any framework like Hibbernate in JAVA?
the similar equivalent of above is

About connection pooling
Check this link
Some extract from the above link:

SP: What about database connection pooling? Persistent connections are not nearly good enough - are there plans to implement connection pooling in the future?

RL: A pool of connections has to be owned by a single process. Since most people use the Apache Web server, which is a multi-process pre-forking server, there is simply no way that PHP can do this connection pooling. It has to be done by a dedicated standalone process and is quite outside the scope of PHP itself. Both SQLRelay and SRM can be used to solve this problem.

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