Veritas backup fails after MS SQL 2005 install

After installing MS SQL server 2005 on a server2003 box I am unable to back up the server!

I recieve the error message
"Final error:0xe0008af - the directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed
Final error category: Job errors

For additional info see link v-79-5744-33967"

Veritas backup exec is version 10.0 rev 5520 service pack 1

Any ideas?

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honmapogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1 without losing your jobs. The BE10.1 install detects that 10.0 is installed and will install on top of 10.0, keeping the database (with jobs, etc.) and catalog.

You don't need the SQL Agent in order to get your file system backups working again.
But if you want to back up SQL 2005 databases with Backup Exec you need the SQL agent.
Another option would be to back up SQL 2005 to disk with the built in SQL tools and then back up those disk files with Backup Exec (without the SQL agent). This would make the restore process a two-step process though.
Have you got the MS SQL agent installed to backup live SQL databases? From the error message it sounds like you are trying to backup the raw SQL data files, which are locked by the SQL server so cannot be accessed.

Try excluding the SQL data files and try again. You'll need to configure Veritas with what I believe is a Microsoft SQL agent to backup the live SQL database if this is the case, or you could stop the database server service whilst the backup is performed. I'd rather do the first out of the two.
HurelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.

We used to run MS SQL express on this server and never had a problem.

How do I configure Veritas to use a SQL agent ?

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To rule out whether it is the fault can you try stopping the SQL server service at some point and see if the backup will complete successfully then. That will tell us whether it is the problem or not.
HurelAuthor Commented:
Just stopped the service and back up worked fine :-)

The SQL agent is something you have to purchase separately. You can either buy a BE 9.1 SQL agent or simply run a scheduled task before your backup job starts and after it finishes to stop/start the SQL service. Obviously you'd have to run the backup at night or sometime when your database isn't in use to be able to stop/start the database server.

You'd need to use

net stop <name of SQL service>

in a batch file to stop and then net start <name of SQL service> to start again. Run as a daily scheduled task.

To get the name of the service open the properties of the service in the services manager and you it's the service name field at the very top. (Not display name)
You need to upgrade to Backup Exec 10.1. 10.0 is not SQL 2005-aware.
See accepted solution on
HurelAuthor Commented:
do I still need to install the SQL agent?
Can I upgrade and keep all my excisting jobs or do I have to do a full re-install?
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