Security Risk error showing in Symantec System Center

Symantec Anti-Virus found and Quarantined AngryIPScanner (ipscan.exe). I then Manual delated this.

Ever since the Symantec system Center is showing the server that had the virus to have a security risk,

Have run a full scan on the server, and nothing has  been found.  Any ideas why it would still be showing as a security risk?
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
Symantec Security Center does not automatically remove threat alerts.  once you have it cleaned, go to the screen in SSC where the alert is showing next to the computer's name, right click on the computer's name, select All Tasks->Antivirus->Clear Risk Status
Symantec System Center should give information regarding the marked security risk.  It should tell you what it has found wrong and tell you what it recommends you should do to "fix" it.  While it is common for it to inform you that a full scan has not recently been completed, there could also be other conditions that require attention such as outdated engine/definitions on the system to a problem with the AV itself.  In any case, it should tell you what is lapsing, giving you an idea as to what the problem is and what can be done to resolve it.
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