How to copy NON protected DVD dual layer MINUS one file

I have an NON copy protected data dual layer DVD. I need to put everything that is on the dvd on my hard disk then remove one file. After that file is removed I must write it back to a NEW dual layer dvd. I have just purchased a new dual layer writer and media. I also have Alcohol 120 software. Can anyone sell me how to accomplish this? I have been able to put an MDF and a MDS file with the data on my hard drive but don't know how to see or remove the single file.
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We're talking data files, not a video dvd?  I'm not really familiar with Alcohol but isn't it just for copying video disks?  You want to copy the files to your hard drive and use some different software to write the desired files back to a new dvd.  Usually your burner comes with a package that will do this.  If not, maybe someone can suggest a freebie package that supports dl dvd.
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Hi mastoo:
Got it! Did it! Using it! Thanks!
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