O/S Error in starting service OracleMTSRecoveryService

While installing Oracle client on windows XP Proffesional, I got an error:

Here is the log output from installActions2007-08xxx


Calling action ntServicesActions2.  ntStartService
      selectedNodes = null
      serviceName = OracleMTSRecoveryService

Exception thrown from action: ntStartService
Exception Name: StartIndeterminate_OS_ErrorException
Exception String: O/S Error in starting service OracleMTSRecoveryService
Exception Severity: 0
Exception handling set to prompt user with options to  RETRY  IGNORE
User choice : Ignore
Calling action fileActions2.  copyGroupFromJar
      selectedNodes = null
      copyGroup = deinst
      permissions = null
      owner = null
      group = null
      copyAsText = null
      JarLoc = C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\OraInstall2007-08-08_04-06-18PM\temp195
      gpEntries = [[oramts_deinst.exe ->%ORACLE_HOME%/bin/oramts_deinst.exe 24576 plats=1=>[912] langs=1=>[en,fr,ar,bn,pt_BR,bg,fr_CA,ca,hr,cs,da,nl,ar_EG,en_GB,et,fi,de,el,iw,hu,is,in,it,ja,ko,es,lv,lt,ms,es_MX,no,pl,pt,ro,ru,zh_CN,sk,sl,es_ES,sv,th,zh_TW,tr,uk,vi]]
      DllGroup = false

Q1. Why was oracle not able to start the service:OracleMTSRecoveryService
Q2. What is this service needed for.
Q3. Is it ok if i run oracle client without this service activated?
Q4. How to get the service activated?
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Helps Oracle databases recover in-doubt Oracle transactions that were started on behalf of Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) transactions originating from Windows computers. There is only one such service for each Windows computer having Oracle Services for MTS installed.

On Windows XP you have to stop the default firewall and other firewalls and also the antivirus programs.
After that you will be able to install Oracle.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Unless you have transactions coming from Microsoft applications (like: a SQL Server database) just disable this service and forget about it, you won't need it.  It is certainly not required for the default functionality of the Oracle9 client for Windows.
gram77Author Commented:
I have been able to install Oracle.
Q3. Is it ok if i run oracle client without this service activated?
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
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