Windows 2000 Pro hanging on boot

Almost everytime I boot my machine, it will hang with the green bar approx half way done.  I have Windows 2000 Pro loaded on a no name puter.  I am not sure if this is OS related or hardware related.
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my_expertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Milo62,

Perhaps the very 1st thing you can do is to try and find out whether your system can successfully boot to Safe Mode by pressing F8 button during start.
On the other hand, you can:
i) use Last Known Good Configuration option to try resolve this issue (if the system eventually went to freeze when each time it had loaded).
i) have a quick check in Device Manager to look for exclamation/question mark which indicate hardware drivers problem.
iii) go to Add/Remove Program to look for the software recently installed that could possibly cause an issue.

Good Luck!
my_expertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Meanwhile, you may want to check out what is your hardisk drive brand (e.g. Maxtor, Seagate, Fujitsu, etc) & model, then go to the respective vendor website to download & run diagnostic utility for your hardisk drive heath check.
Reason:  Since your system halted during boot, so it is likely a hardrive problem or just a software error.

Note: I
i) If this is an intermittent problem, please go to 'Windows Task Manager' (by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete button' in desktop screen), then go to  'Processes' & 'Performance' to find out what EXE files choke up your memory space & page file.
ii) Do try to run a virus scan software (with latest virus list updates) to check for possible virus attack.
milo62Author Commented:
I did not give enough background info.  This is not something that just started, so I do not suspect a recently added program, or device.  (device manager shows all ok), and LKG wont help.  This is just a irritating problem that has persisted from the beginning.  I bought two used puters from a local college, with no OS.  My intention was to create on good working machine.  I put the majority of the RAM in one, used my WD HD as the primary drive, Put Win 2000 Pro on that.  I had that problem from the start.  So I loaded it on the second machine (different HD), same problem.

I do remember seeing a utility that puts a delay in the boot process to allow for something to catch up so this wont happen, but I forgot where I saw that, and what exactly it delays.
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lauchangkwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> So I loaded it on the second machine (different HD), same problem
What does that mean ?? Does that mean you move the hard disk (where got problems during boot up) to another PC to test for it and the problems till occur ?? If yes, that mean is either Hard Disk problem or the OS problem. (sometime a PC get attact by the hacker where the hacker just do some funny stuff for example got a dog keep on walking and barking during the OS startup) Try to backup the important files and reformat and see whether the problem still occur .......
milo62Author Commented:
No i did not move the HD.  I loaded Win 2000 onto another HD in the second machine to rule out the problem being with the HD.  The two machines are basicaly the same (A-Open MBs), both hang.  One has an WD 80 gig HD with 768 Mb RAM, the other a 60 gig with 512 Mb RAM.  
lauchangkwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then that could be the Win 2000 CD break down already, try to get another Win 2000 CD to install it and run again ..... A failure OS CD could make the installation does not complete perfectly therefore both of the HD you have also having the problems with that Win 2000 .........

Hope I am not misunderstand your problems ....... Cheers !!!
milo62Author Commented:
Ok, none of these solutions fit.  Since i have the OS on two almost identical machines, I am able to experiment.   I changed the boot sequence so that it boots to the HD first, and fired it up a couple times.
It booted every time.  So I got excited and did the same to the other machine, but that one still hangs.  I have not had a chance to set the first one back up to see if I can get that one to hang also.

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