Need a customized mstsc console


Need a customized mstsc console in this i have a scroll of machine names and next to it a button to connect.
All the machine names will be in a text file and the username and password should be stored in a file.
Connecting to any machine in the txt file would be only 1 username and password.

Topmost it should be scroll menu of all the machine names and a connect and disconnect button.

This is just like Mstsc but need the machine names to be taken from the file and would have full screen

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chuckyhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure about using a text file for a list, but visionapp remote desktop 
and the remote desktops tool from the 2003 server admin pack lets you keep a list of machines and lets you save the passwords to the machines.
Hi Sharath,

I am not sure if what you want to do is possible but it may be less work and easier if you use existing software. You can very easily use MMC with the RDP Snap-In to have a list of servers with saved password and and full screen setting. Here is more information about it:

You can configure the MMC to be read-only so the person that is using the MMC can not modify it. Regarding this have a look at this article in the "Setting console file options" section:

Hope this helps.

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