writing to Excel from C#

I write to an Excel spreadsheet using the techniques shown below.  If the user is working in (I think saving) a different worksheet while my worksheet is filling, he will get this error:
Exception from HRESULT:0x800AC472

These are Windows XP workstations

What is causing this?

Excel.Application oApp;
Excel._Workbook oBook;
Excel.Workbooks oBooks;
Excel.Sheets oSheets;
Excel._Worksheet oSheet;
Excel.Range range;
long l = 0;

oApp = new Excel.Application();
oBooks = oApp.Workbooks;
oBook = oBooks.Add(Missing.Value);

      //let them tell us the spreadsheet name, etc.
      this.sfdMain.CheckFileExists = false;
      this.sfdMain.CheckPathExists = false;
      this.sfdMain.Title = "Select Excel File Path";
      this.sfdMain.Filter = "Excel Files (*.xls) | *.xls";
      sFile = sfdMain.FileName;
      if (sFile.Trim().Length == 0)
            throw new Exception("No File Name Chosen");
      if (File.Exists(sFile))
            this.sbp1.Text = "Deleting old file ...";
      //run several stored procedures here
      //read table using proprietary object
      //do the spreadsheet thing
      //set up workbook
      oSheets = oBook.Worksheets;
      oSheet = (Excel._Worksheet)oSheets.get_Item(1);
      oSheet.Name = "Master";
      range = oSheet.get_Range("a1",Missing.Value);
      range.get_Offset(0,1).set_Value(Missing.Value,"Price Report As Of : " + DateTime.Now.ToString());
      l = 1;
// other possible header lines here

      //blank line
      l += 1;
      //header  sample fields
      range.get_Offset(l,0).set_Value(Missing.Value,"Account Number");
      range.get_Offset(l,1).set_Value(Missing.Value,"Management Group");
      range.get_Offset(l,2).set_Value(Missing.Value,"Customer Type");
      range.get_Offset(l,63).set_Value(Missing.Value,"SC Item U/Comparison");
      //dates  sample formating
      range.get_Offset(l,3).EntireColumn.NumberFormat = "MM/DD/YYYY";
      range.get_Offset(l,23).EntireColumn.NumberFormat = "##,##0.00";
      //advance line
      l += 1;

// looping through a recordset

// when finished looping;
      //reset column widths
//save workbook


catch (Exception ex)
      MessageBox.Show(this, "Error Running Report | " + ex.Message,"Error",MessageBoxButtons.OK,MessageBoxIcon.Error);
            //do nothing

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DelTremeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean that while your procedure is running (and filling the excel) the user switches to another workbook, sheet and gets the error ?
In that case, I won't show the excel-sheet while filling.

oApp = new Excel.Application();
oApp.Visible = false;
g_johnsonAuthor Commented:
No, it's when they are working in any other workbook, I believe.  I will add the visible = false, though -- that just makes sense to me!
g_johnsonAuthor Commented:
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