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I have IT manager installed and have setted it up to be seen from any machine in the network through Https:\\
Whata i want is want to make it secure for it to ask the username and password every time i open it .
Now it just opens once i put the path in IE.

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You could just set the permissions on the folder it is installed with the people you would like to have access so that when someone tries to connect, it will either let it open if they have rights or give them an error if they do not.
I have never seen it not ask me for a user and pass.  Did you check the box that said "save username and password" the first time you logged in?

bsharathAuthor Commented:
What i mean is when i open the IT manager on the local machine then it asks for theusername and password.

The same thing i can open through http:\\ipaddress of the IT manager.It does not ask for a username and password.I want it to ask me the username and password.Is there a way i can configure something .
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