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The issue we have is trying to add trusted domains to our central domain which have the same domain name. As the domain names were created many years ago, creating unique domain names wasn't thought of. We eventually plan on merging the sites into a single domain (one active directory - yay!), however I understand that merging 25 odd sites into one will require ALOT of man hours. In the meantime, some of our goals can be achieved by adding all the domains to the 'trusted' status, however tfrom what i've picked up, you cannot add multiple domains to 'trusted' status if they have the same domain name. We have a few duplicate domain names, and renaming the domains I understand, is quite a hassle (requires server rebuild?)

Does anyone know a way to add multiple instances of a domain name to trusted, or know a quick'n'easy way of renaming a domain?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm fairly certain there is no way to set up a trust with multiple identically named domains.  

However, the dangers of domain renaming are generally overstated.  Here's a link to a Tech Republic article that should give you all the information you need to perform a successful domain rename:
Domain rename is only fully supported by Microsoft in Windows Server 2003, the process is described here:

If you have Windows 2000 domains that are still in mixed mode (not in native mode), there is an unsupported workaround that might work, described here:

It's been a long time since  Windows NT 4.0, but I believe that NT 4.0 domains cannot be renamed, full stop.
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