AVG Antivirus + firewall (paid program) and mfc71.dll

I have had occasional and apparently random crashes of the Control Center of this AV/firewall program. It's more of an annoyance than anything else, since the AVG tech support assures me that protection is still provided even when the Control Center is shut down, and I am able to restart the Control Center manually with no difficulty. Recent exchanges with AVG tech support indicated the problem lies with the mfc71.dll, and they recommended downloading a fresh copy to place in the Systems32 folder. My concern about doing this is that the "new" download appears to be an older version than the one I have currently. The version currently on my system has a modification date of 7/11/2006, version 7.10.6030.0 while the suggested replacement has a mod date of 3/18/2003 and is version 7.10.3077.0    I suspect the later version currently on my system came through a Windows update. Is it wise to replace this newer mfc71.dll with the older one?
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you dont know what other component relies on the newer version.....

That file should have been updated at least with the latest c++ redistributable package.....(I think, been wrong before though....)

At minimum, you can safely put that file in the AVG directory, so you can have both of them....

AVG will look in it's own directory for supporting .dll's, and then goes on to the system32 etc..., whatever is in the PATH statement...

Easy way to test thier theory though....

19gini61Author Commented:
I'm not sure that I'm supposed to respond to a proposed solution, so let me know if this is prohibited! I appreciated the response, and I think the point made about the possible need for the newer version of the mfc71.dll by unknown program(s) is valid. I find I have two versions currently on my system, one (new) in the system32 folder, and others (one of the new and the others the older version) in individual program's files. The AVG program, however, apparently does not use its own copy of the file, as there are none in the AVG directory. I don't know if placing a copy of the older dll in that directory would have any effect, good or bad. If there are no further comments here, I will award the points in a couple of days. Thanks!
johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Applications look in thier current directory first, so there wouldnt be any harm in trying this.....If it cant find the files it needs that way, THEN it goes to the PATHs to find it....

No other app would use it, as it probably is not a registered path in the OS, for the AVG directory....

I would still try replacing the older one in the program's directory, maybe it is corrupted....
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