Problems with Symantec Backup Exec & Domino

I have a Domino Server (version 5.0.12) (Windows 2000 Server) that previously had Veritas Backup Exec 8.5 installed, along with the Notes/Domino agent and the backup was done on tape on that server.  Earlier this year, we purchased a centralized backup system and upgraded to Symanted Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers and are using remote agents.  All of our servers backed up to one tape.  I have not been confident with this approach, as we continue to have backup failures, mostly on the Domino Server.  The consultants didn't feel we needed the Domino agent so we didn't purchase it.  It's been hit & miss for months.  At times, the backup works fine, I've verified the data, the individual mail files were being backed up and I've restored some of them.  Other times, it gets hung up in an endless loop on the Domino server and then I have to try to cancel the job, which takes hours.  I've tried stopping and restarting the services and usually end up rebooting the server because it still does not cancel.  

I upgraded Domino to version 6.5, verified the backup and it worked great for about 1.5 weeks.  Then it started failing again, like before.  It would get hung up, I tried to cancel it, and it would continue to hang.  I've recently discovered that our individual mail files (person.nsf) are not being backed up at all.  We have spent a lot of money having the consultants check the backup out and I don't feel we have a resolution - rebooting isn't a solution, plus we need a consistent backup.  Now the suggestion is to buy the agent.  I've read other posts that have similar problems.  Before we spend more money on this, is there something that is being missed here - or is it as simple as buying the Domino agent?  Why would it all the sudden not backup the individual mail files?  The backup software is installed on a Windows 2003 server.
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Backup Exec by default skips .nsf files. You need to change a registry key to have them backed up.
But then it will still only work reliably when you stop the domino services while doing the backup.

The agent is indeed the way to go if you cannot stop domino for the backup.
There were some problems with the agent early on, so make sure you have the latest BE11 build (7170) and apply all the hotfixes. (Hotfix 4 has fixes for Domino -
DOmino keeps al the NSF files open a  lot of the time.

In addition there are hourly processes like reindexing so the DBs are constantly being opened and closed.
It is really necessary to get the Correct Domino Open File agent in order to insure proper backups.

The other option is to shut down the Domino service before the backup and restart when completed, but then the Domino server will not be on line.

I hope this helps !
sfriskAuthor Commented:
honmapog - Thanks for the info - I now have a backup with the individual mail files!!  With the hotfix technote, we are on version 11.0 Rev 6235, the technote states that it can only be applied to reversion 7170.  Do I need to install other patches first?  (I don't have much experience with this software).
You can do one of two things:
I would suggest downloading the latest build/revision 7170. You can download from (for 32 bit OSes) or (for 64 bit OSes). This installs right on top of your current version. Then you apply the hotfixes.

The alternative is to download SP1 for build 6235: for 32 bit versions
You should still get the agent.  Your consultant should be fired. He probably would not advocate backing up Exchange stores, stream files, and logs this way.  He only said this about Domino because he didn't know the product.

(Caveat: The case is not as stroing with DOmino as with Exchange, since there is a BETTER chance of backing up Domino files this way, but it is still hit or miss, and that's not a solution for mission critical applciation backup, which is what this is.)
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