Used Smart Data Recovery to recover an Excel Spreadsheet it is now corrupt

A user worked on a spreadsheet at home last night, brought it into work on a usb thumb drive.  The file was accidently deleted from the thumb drive.  We used some software called Smart Data Recovery to recover the file but the excel spreadsheet is corrupt now.  Is there anyway of recovering the file not corrupted? Or does anyone know of a free recovery software for excel spreadsheets?
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Hi grundonIT,

Did the memory stick have built in encryption? Some do and if this is the case then I imagine that free software will not do the job. And I'd suggest that the problem lies with the recovery of the file in the first place, rather than then following up with fixing the corruption.

The Excel recovery software I am aware of is not designed to recover files which have been deleted, rather they recover files which have been corrupted through normal use. But I'm only coming from an Excel viewpoint, whereas I'd suggest that the answer may lie in a general recovery tool for deleted files, or some artifact specific to recovery from flash memory - my skills don't stretch to these ;)

Good luck,
GrundonITAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help
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