PostgreSQL on win32: cannot uninstall postgreSQL

I installed postgreSQL 8.2 on windows xp and am now unable to uninstall it. I think it has something to do with the user account it created. I don't have permission to uninstall it as a user, and I cannot access it at all as a superuser (security mechanism of some sort to prevent it running with administrative privileges).

The account is created is not visible in control panel/User Accounts as one might expect. I recall that it was part of the domain DEVELOPER, which may mean something to you. I don't know what a domain is in this context.
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earth man2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
open Control Panel->Administration->Services

Look for the postmaster service.  Make sure it is stopped.  User account should be detailled there.  You can delete the service, the installation directory and the registry keys via regedit if the automatic process fails.
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