I would like try another Brand but What would be better or should I stick with Supermicro?

I been using Supermicro for while
I have been looking into another  brand Tyan
I have notice 5000x series same layout and hardware ? !
I would like try another Brand but What would be better? or should I stick with Supermicro?
 very confused

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I had much experience with Tyan, and had bad experience. Although, bottom line, they all worked in the end, every approach to a new server MUST start with BIOS upgrade. No exceptions in that, unfortunately. Two similar servers (bought as the same model at the same time) might include two different versions of BIOS, which results in inconsistent behavior all along.

This is my experience with Tyan. They work, they just require you'll work too.
I personally like the SuperMicro boards.  In my experience they are high wuality and stable.  I've had a few customer use the Tyan boards and we have had repeated issues with many of them.  
Just for any future searches.

Stick with Supermicro.

We've tried Tyan boards and they are basically a cheaper board and as ezaton mentioned, you'll want to make sure it's got the latest BIOS and so on. They do seem to be better for AMD solutions than Intel. They do seem to work fine once a few things are ironed out, but you shouldn't have that hassle on a new board.

We have over 100 Supermicro servers and have had 0 problems in the 4 years we've been using them. Just about to try their new SuperBlades.

We also have hundreds of Dell/HP/IBM and everything else you can think of. Intel would have to be the worst we've seen (non stop problems) followed by older Dells (recent models seem a tad better - but time will tell).

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