How to open a Crystall Report XI with VBScript

Posted on 2007-08-08
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
We have an existing VBScript that use ocx to execute Crystal report 6 and export them to plain text format.  I did some research and found out that ocx is no longer used and it have been replaced with rdc.  Most of the sample code were related to VB.  Can anyone provide some sample VBScript  code on how to execute Crystal Report XI?
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    Thanks for your help frodoman!
    I finally able to export plain text crystal report 10 or XI with VBScript.
    Option Explicit

    WScript.Echo "START: " & Date & " " & Time
    WScript.Echo ""

    Dim crApp
    Dim crRpt

    Dim intI, dateDate, dateTime, strRunDate, strRunTime
    Dim objArgs, strArgs, strParseArray, strArg_r, strArg_p, strArg_l, strArgErr
    Dim strReportFileName, strPrintFileName, intPrintFileLinesPerPage, txtSelectClause

    On Error Resume Next

    Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
    Set crApp = WScript.CreateObject ("CrystalRuntime.Application")

    If (Err.Number <> 0) Then
       WScript.Echo "ERROR: " & Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description
    End If

    ' Declare your variables here (when run with no command-line switches)
    ' These are always superceded by command-line arguments.

    dateDate = Date()
    dateTime = Time()
    strRunDate = Right("0" & Day(dateDate), 2) & " " & MonthName(Month(dateDate), True) & " " & Year(dateDate)
    strRunTime = Hour(dateTime) & ":" & Right("0" & Minute(dateTime), 2) & ":" & Right("0" & Second(dateTime), 2)

    ' End of user variables

    For intI = 0 to objArgs.Count - 1
       strArgs = strArgs & " " & objArgs(intI)

    If (intI > 0) Then
       strArgs = Right(strArgs,Len(strArgs)-1)
       WScript.Echo "Arguments on command line: [" & strArgs & "]"
       WScript.Echo ""
       WScript.Echo "Arguments on command line: []"
       WScript.Echo ""
    End If

    If (objArgs.Count > 0) Then
       For intI = 0 to objArgs.Count - 1
          If (InStr(1,objArgs(intI),"-r:")) Then
             strParseArray = split(objArgs(intI),"-r:")
             strReportFileName = strParseArray(1)
             strArg_r = True
          ElseIf (InStr(1,objArgs(intI),"-p:")) Then
             strParseArray = split(objArgs(intI),"-p:")
             strPrintFileName = strParseArray(1)
             strArg_p = True
          ElseIf (InStr(1,objArgs(intI),"-l:")) Then
             strParseArray = split(objArgs(intI),"-l:")
             intPrintFileLinesPerPage = strParseArray(1)
             strArg_l = True
             strArgErr = True
          End If
    End If

    If (strArg_r <> True or strArg_p <> True or strArg_l <> True or strArgErr = True) Then
       WScript.Echo "Usage: biCRExport.vbs [ -r:<ReportFileName> ] [ -p:<PrintFileName> ] [ -l:<PrintFileLinesPerPage> ]"
       WScript.Echo ""
       WScript.Echo "r <ReportFileName> - required, the filename of the report to be printed."
       WScript.Echo "p <PrintFileName> - required, the filename for output when printing to file."
       WScript.Echo "l <PrintFileLinesPerPage> - required, lines per page for paginated text export."
    End If


    Set crRpt = crApp.OpenReport(strReportFileName)

    crRpt.ExportOptions.DestinationType = 1 'crEDTDiskFile
    crRpt.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = strPrintFileName 'The filename for output when printing to file.
    crRpt.ExportOptions.FormatType = 10 'crEFTPaginatedText 'The type of file created when printing to file.
    crRpt.ExportOptions.NumberOfLinesPerPage = intPrintFileLinesPerPage 'Lines per page for paginated text export.

    If (Err.Number = 0) Then
       crRpt.Export False 'Set this property to 1 to print the report.
    End If

    If (Err.Number <> 0) Then
       WScript.Echo "ERROR: " & Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description
       WScript.Echo ""
    End If

    Set objArgs = Nothing
    Set crRpt = Nothing

    WScript.Echo "FINISH: " & Date & " " & Time


    Function ConfirmFileExists(strFileName)

       'PURPOSE : Confirm that a file exists.
       'REQUIRES: The file name including the full path.
       'PROMISE : Returns a boolean True if the file exists.

       Dim objFileSystem

       Set objFileSystem = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

       If (objFileSystem.FileExists(strFileName)) Then
          ConfirmFileExists = True
          WScript.Echo "ERROR: File does not exist: " & strFileName
       End If

       Set objFileSystem = Nothing

    End Function

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