Multiple slides on A4 printout - powerpoint 2003

Hi there,

I would like to print off a slide from a microsoft powerpoint 2003 slideshow. I would like the same slide many times printed twice on A4 pages. So I would then have multiple copies of the same slide, twice on each A4 page.

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GlennaShawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Allowing duplicate copies of slides instead something PowerPoint does natively for you.
Automated option for you:

A manual alternative: copy your presentation to a new name (create a duplicate presentation), Change the Page Size to A4 then duplicate the slides as desired for your handouts by clicking on Insert, Duplicate Slide in the appropriate places.
Print your new handout presentation using Print, Handouts and choose the appropriate layout.  Since you're printing to A4 click on the Scale to Fit Paper box.

My bad, that first line should be:
Allowing duplicate copies of slides isn't something PowerPoint does natively for you.
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