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I have a friend who is typing a large document in Word 2002. She has headers on the pages and they are all different sizes some are normal (maybe 2-3 lines - default size I think) and some are up to half a page and others are in between. How can I fix this and make them uniform? The only header that needs to be a different size is the first page I am pretty sure all the following pages can be the default size.
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The first thing is to find out how this is achieved.

Headers are designed to be the same for each page. For each section there can be up to three different  headers - prime, first page, and even page. Header sizes are dermined by the contents.

Make sure that the different first page header option is set for section 1 only and that 'Link-to-previous' is set for all headers in all sections.

The only other possiblilty is that there are fields which display text according to  the page number.


{ If {PAGE} = 10 "Page Ten" } { If {PAGE} = 11 "This is a lot of text for page eleven... more text" }
comteksoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
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