NSLOOKUP Fails, Pings are successful.

Changed IP Scheme through out the domain.  All machines can ping the DC's, all machines can resolve to the outside world.   All machines can resolve to internal addresses also.  

NSLOOKUP fails:   cannot find  yadda yadda...

But We can Ping the  DC's both forwards and reverse, and NSlookup resolves the IP addresses of the DC's correctly...

During the IP Change over, we Deleted all RECORDS in each zone, but did not delete the zone's themselves.

We have seen the Opposite problem with an NSLOOKUP that works, but fails to ping devices, please do not mix the two up, we cannot NSLOOKUP, but can Ping....


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are there valid NS records in those zones?
check that your workstations' primary DNS suffix is correct and consistent; if you're using DNS suffix search list make sure it contains correct zones in the correct order; and double-check local HOSTS files to make sure there's no conflicting information in them... all of the above can be scripted to update all workstations in the domain from a central console and/or through a GPO if using Active Directory.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
NSLookup will always return a 'failed' message first unless you have a reverse lookup zone.
cvvoodAuthor Commented:
Thank you northcide, as your answer brought me to what KCTS answered. First look at the network, NSlookup failed,  didn't put 2 and 2 together...

Thanks all.

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