converting Lotus Notes to Outlook

Our company is currently using a web tool called Lotus Notes.  Fortunately, we are abandoning this platform and going back to MS Outlook.  Everybody is happy, BUT most of us have 4 & 5 years worth of Lotus Notes emails that need to be converted to Outlook.  For instance, my Lotus Notes file is called notes.nsf and is 3 gigabytes in size.  Once we lose Lotus Notes, how do I convert all these emails so that I can access them from Outlook?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You can use Notes2Outlook to convert Lotus Notes emails to Outlook

Best wishes, war1
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Great!  I see the $160 price tag.  I'll use this one, unless there is a cheaper solution.
I think there is a free trial for a couple of weeks, so you can try it out before buying.
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