Excel hyperlink opens blank web browser

On this workstation(Windows XP SP2, Office 2003), I click a hyperlink, in Excel, and a browser window opens but is blank.  By blank, I mean the toolbar shows but the portion where the web content should be is white.  Additionally, there are no error messages.  I have looked at the properties of the link and they are correct.  I have opened a browser, copied the hyperlink address from the hyperlink properties in Excel, pasted the address into the browser and that worked.  It opened the page I was trying to get to.  I opened Word, typed "http://www.yahoo.com" held down Ctrl and clicked the link.  Again, a browser window opened but was blank.  The computer is connected to the internet, and the Excel file is on the local desktop so it isn't a connectivity issue.  I have also tested the Excel file on other computers running XP, Server 2003 and Vista and all worked just fine.  Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.
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Clock72Author Commented:
speshalyst...Thank you for your quick response.  I followed the link you gave, but it did not change the behavior.  I don't want to waste a whole lot of time trying to figure this out.  I believe I will try reinstalling Office.  Unless you, or anyone else, has any other ideas.  Otherwise, I will accept your answer.
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