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I know you only need 1 DC to run AD, and 2 if you want redundancy, but I thought FSMO roles need to be seperated like schema master, naming master, PDC-RID Infastructor master, and GC should be on seperate boxes, and for growth if you want to expqand the domain or forest later what is the optimal setup to start with, also with W8K server coming I want to be prepared.

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You only need to separate the Global catalog and Infrastructure master roles....  unless all your DCs (could be just the one or lots) are global catalog servers.
mamideiAuthor Commented:
So on a single domain you really need 2 DC, not one like it has een recommanded?
I recommend a minimum of 2 DCs in any AD environment, no matter how small.  Darylx has already explained the best practices for when you need to separate the Infrastructure Master FSMO from the Global Catalog role.
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Best practice is to have 2 DC's for redundancy, but this is not a requirement and all FSMO roles can exist on a single DC with a Global Catalog.  In a single domain the infrastructure master and global catalog can reside on the same DC.  This is due to the Infrastructure Master not having "anything to do" (MS parlance).  

Take a look at
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
2 DCs on each site is really recommended to provide within-site redundancy bioth the Global catalog, more can be added for futher load balancing and redundancy. Most people leave the FSMO roles where they are and this works well.

For optimal FSMO placement see
As everyone else has said, you need two DCs for redundancy.  You can have a domain with just one domain controller but if that server fails, you're screwed.  You couldn't just install a new domain controller to replace the failed server; you'd have to restore it from backup which is a real pain in practice.

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