Finding computer name without My Computer.

I recieved a call about a user who wants to use a printer on another person's desk right across from them rather than going downstairs.  I began walking him through the steps of adding a printer via the network, but when it came to obtaining the computer name for the other users computer, not shows up.  When he right clicks My Computer and goes to properties, he is only presented with two tabs, one that says General and another that says shortcut.  Is there any other way that I can obtain the computer's name so that I can finish helping him with the process.  The computers are not networked through a domain controller, but are networked through the standard windows office workgroup.

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abraham808Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Tell that user to type:

1) HOSTNAME  at a command prompt


2) SYSTEMINFO at a command prompt
How about this one:

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information

With the "System Summary" section highlighted on the left, there will be a "System Name" field on the right.
imateyelectronicsAuthor Commented:
Hostname did the trick, will add that to my rep.  Thank you.
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