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Second email address in Exchange

I have a user who got married and changed her last name. Now, I need to setup an email account for the user under her new last name.

Should I just create an alias email address under her new name and have all emails forward to her old account? What is the easiest way to go about all this?
1 Solution
On the users account properties (in AD Users and Computers) - switch to the email address tab; add a new SMTP address/alias; make this new alias her Primary address and leave the old one in place.

All new messages will show from her married name; but any messages sent to her old address will still be delivered to her mailbox
lenivanAuthor Commented:
Will she still be able to log onto her computer using the old name?

When she sends email out, will it go out under her old name or new name?
I 100% agree with Aissim. By doing it this way, your user will not have to notify anyone of the change as the old address will continue to work. She can begin to give out the new (married) address and her return address on emails will also show the new name.

Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
<Will she still be able to log onto her computer using the old name?>

If you don't change her AD user name or logon name, then she can continue to use the old one.  If she wants to have a logon name that reflects her new married name, then you should rename her AD user account.

<When she sends email out, will it go out under her old name or new name?>

As long as you change the Alias field (on the Exchange General tab), rather than just creating a new SMTP address for her, then the RUS will create a new default SMTP address for her using the new Alias. Once that is created and set as the default email address, then all email will go out under that (new) address. If you don't want to wait for the RUS, then you can do both - change the Alias field and also create a new SMTP address manually and manually set the new address as the default.
Are you changing her AD name also ?
if yes then she wont be able to login with her old name

The e-mail address which reaches recipient is the primary e-mail address so it would be new one..however mail can be received on each SMTP address assigned to user

for adding e-mail address the approach told by aissim is nice and is always choosen by me.

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