Outloook only displaying in 2 modes: minimized and full size

Hello -

My outlook was working fine Monday. Today it seems to be working in only 2 modes, minimized and full sized.  I cannot resize a window when the window is in minimized or full sized mode.  How to I get back the window state between minimized and full-sized?
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peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click Start, click Run, type Outlook /safe, if that doesn't solve it try /cleanprofile, if that doesn't work recreate the Outlook user profile
Greetings datadirector !

Did you add any solftware or udpate any software since Monday?  Change any settings?  Reverse the change. Perform a system resstore to Monday date.

Best wishes, war1
war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Any update?  A recent update to  Cloudmark Desktop Antispam has caused Outlook to crash.  Uninstall it and open Outlook.  Cloudmark has a fix on its website.
datadirectorAuthor Commented:
Cloudmark was part of the problem in which it was causing Outlook to crash.  Ended up uninstalling and re-installing office 2003.
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