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For testing purpose i want a way to stop all processes of any installed software excluding the system processes which is required to run the CPU.So that i can show the user that it is the application issue not the OS issue in some case.

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There are several ways of doing this:

1. Go to CTRL+ALT+DEL to display the Task Manager and in the Processes section, killing the processes by  right clicking on them and selecting the "End Process" option.  If you don't know what process does what; you can download and install the Quick Access software that adds tiny icons along the processes so that you can use to find out what applications own the processes.

2. If the #1 is not practicle, you can got to command prompt and type msconfig to run the configuration panel.  With that, you can exclude the applications that run at the boot time.

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Of course you can also go to Control Panel and Administrative Tools and select Services to stop the services of some applications that you can not stop the other ways I've explained above.

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