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Hi there,

I want to know that how to start and promote web development & IT Solutions business locallay.

How to make new links, how to search for the clients and how to advertise etc.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards
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Not online related marketing, but locally i get a good response by using a 3rd party company that emails me names and addresses of all new business start-ups in my post code.

Direct mailings, nothing new, but I get a much better conversion rate than anything else I have tried so far.

lots of websites which for a fee will email you details like this every month etc.

online advertising:-  pay per click such as, Google Adwords,  Overture etc
o, also with Google Adwords you can target local postcodes only if you so wished.
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
You might consider building some relationships with other companies at different levels in your 'food chain', ie web hosting companies (at least those that do just that and are not selling building webs) or maintenance companies (same restrictions apply)
These are companies that you will need to use or advise your customers to use, and they are providing services where your added value is not optimum: if all of you are referring prospects mutually, and if each of you does provide good service, your customers will certainly be happy!
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David BruggeCommented:
You might also consider some free development work for a high profile non profit or two in your community in exchange for a click through banner promoting your work.
I would have suggested outsourcing but since you do not have much clue, frankly i would advice you to gain some knowledge by reading a few ebooks and posts on forums.

if you wish to promote then get yourself a website first and if you already have that then get it optimized for search engines - after that you can think about promotion.


Forced accept.

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