cannot change startup parameters in mySQL

Installed Fedora Core 6, MySQL 5.0.45 and mySQL GUI administrator.  Cannot change the Startup Parameters or view the users.  I am new to all the products.
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Steve BinkCommented:
How are you trying to change the startup parameters?  The options available depend on the program with which you are working.  You can find information on each here:

To show the list of users, log into mysql from the command line and query the mysql.user table.  Below is an example of how I do it:

# mysql
mysql> select * from mysql.user;

gneidAuthor Commented:
I am new to Linux.  the problem was that I was not signed on as root and did have rights to change anything.  I am progressing now.  Thank-you for responding.
Steve BinkCommented:
I'm happy to hear you were able to overcome your issues.  Be sure to post a question in the Community Support zone to close this question and refund your points.  Good luck to you!
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