How do I successfully create a resource of my fix bundle

Below is the error I receive when I attempt to create a resource of fixes/apars from IBM.

0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master" :
     0042-001 m_mkres: processing error encountered on "master" :
     0042-151 c_stat: the file "/nimarea/fixes" has a file type of 040000.
              This conflict with the expected type of 0100000.

I receive this error when I attempt to make a resource out of the directory above in NIM.
Any ideas, I understand that this might require a file type change, but I am guessing....
Any comments would be appreciated.
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The nim command is telling you that you can't use a directory in the manner you are trying to with this command - please post the full command line that you are invoking, via F6 in smit if necessary.
crisp31Author Commented:
Can anyone provide a guess?
crisp31Author Commented:
I was in a short window...So I came up with a workaround on the problem. I just treated the fix_bundle as a lpp_source and NIm created the resource just fine. I am able to use the lpp for fix installs...Not exactly how its written..but what is in AIX...

thanks for the replies and assistance...
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