run Credit Report from Lotus notes

We have Lotus notes client Application 6.5 and we try to connect to the web site, which check credit  score .
My questions:
1. Is this any chance to forward all infor (Last Name, First Name , address and SSN) to thsi WEB site form out Lotus notes Form run reports and upload just score back to the Lotus notes form ..
Please give to me any suggections how to handle it for now  
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Probably mot easily.

Perhaps using something like sendkey, although it may be much easier to use something like
Auto-IT for this, as long as the information is visible on the Lotus Noes client.   Version 3.1  of the Free Auto-it

I hope this helps !
LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
Like I sad I am try to pass all infor form Lotus Notes form and process in background mode credut score for this customer , so Web site should be give to me only score details and details pdf file will be store for Admin review.

I am looking for way to pass this info and bring it back to Lotus Notes    
1) Is the Customer info visible on a Lotus Notes Screen before entering it into the web site ?

2) If not, can it be exported temporarily to a text file to be processed ?

In either case, Auto-it can access the data, copy and paste it into a given web page, press any buttons and copy the results to a text file or open Notes view/ form.

What you are doing is called "screen scraping" , and unless you want to learn A client based sripting language, it will not be easy to implement since all the data is required to be passed through the User Interface, via a keyboard.

I hope this helps !
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LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
Auto-it  is  this free software and need licences to handle it ?
It is free under a GPL license I think.  No money needs to be paid and it can be used commerically.

Check the site for more details.

Notes has a limited ability to retrieve web pages automatically, using NotesDatabase.GetDocumentByURL

A better solution usually involves callling out to Windows APIs to make web requests. You cna probably do something similar with GetObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") but you may n not be able to hook the events in LotusScript.  You can do the same thing in Java, which has core classes for web request handling.
LYekelchik2007Author Commented:
Do you have some script Example how to handle it ?
This will do it:

However, here's another way to do it without using the lower-level Windows APIs.  MSXML is SUPPOSED to be for XML requests, but it doesn't actually require XML input or output. The interface is considerably simpler.

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So, how'd you do it?  If you post your code, this will be a better addition to the knowledgebase.
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