Need HTML command on button to trigger Print to CutePDF

Wednesday - 08/8/2007
I am using a response form to gather information from clients (much like a survey but busier).  I would like to have HTML code in the form that will force a save to, or print to CutePDF.  I can handle the CutePDF or other PDF creator program on the local PC but is there HTML code that triggers a print?
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javascript code includes print();

You would need to include an event handler, so the function gets triggered.

print is a method of the window object.

I don't think this will work for you, since print() leads to a confirm dialogue.  It's the equivalent of clicking on the browser "print" button or selecting file > print.  Their default printer will be selected, not your pdf maker.
cepesAuthor Commented:

I guess for now I'l use this:

<A HREF="javascript:window.print()">Click to Print This Page</A>

which I just found on the web.

Thanks for your help.
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