Commas are inserted in DNS TXT records where spaces should be - using vb script to create DNS records

I need to add SPF records for over a thousand domains in microsft DNS.
I wrote a vd script a while back that facilitates this for me for normal a records, etc.
I modified the script to loop through all our domains and a SPF record - it's really a TXT DNS record.

Here's the code:
set wshell = createobject("") "%comspec% /c C:\Windows\system32\dnscmd.exe localhost /RecordAdd " & domain & " @ TXT v=spf1 mx ~all", 0, True
set wshell = nothing

This adds a record, but there are commas after the spaces in the string:
v=spf1, mx,, ~all

It should look like:
v=spf1 mx ~all

When I manually add a record, it works fine.

When I check the record, there are no commas but it displays with line breaks like so:

I'm not sure if the VB is inserting the commas or linebreaks or the DNS MMC is interpretting the line breaks with commas.

Any suggestions?
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You need quotes around the string you're trying to add.
The command as typed in a command window (always the first try if it doesn't work out in a script) would be:
dnscmd.exe localhost /RecordAdd some.domain.local " @ TXT "v=spf1 mx ~all"
So in your VBScript, it would be (you can drop the cmd.exe btw., you can run exes by themselves): "dnscmd.exe localhost /RecordAdd " & domain & " @ TXT " & Chr(34) & "v=spf1 mx ~all" & Chr(34), 0, True
The quotation marks after /Recordadd ...  instead.. make a string of the line from C:\Windows\system32\dnscmd.exe localhost /RecordAdd and to all and use it as: "%comspec% /c C:\Windows\system32\dnscmd.exe localhost /RecordAdd <string> ,0,True
Tony MassaCommented:
Are all of these "SAME as PARENT" or are the node names different than the domain name?

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Tony MassaCommented:
I think the quotes are okay...but not sure that the @ symbol is valid in DNSCMD.
juliandormonAuthor Commented:
Thanks oBdA that worked perfectly!
Tony MassaCommented:
Nevermind about the @ symbol...I see the usage...

I think that all of the Text in the TXT record would have to be in quotes also since it's a string of text.  You have to use double quotes inside a quote to acheive that: ("%comspec% /c dnscmd.exe localhost /RecordAdd " & domain & " @ TXT ""v=spf1 mx ~all"""), 0, True

Tony MassaCommented:
man I'm slow...
That's what I suggested
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