How do I make a "Search" field on plain .htm page to search Index Server

I have a plain old .htm web page with a FrontPage "webbot" search field on it that searches my Microsoft Index Server and returns correct results, within limits.  It works just fine when searching for a single word.  Multiple words are treated as exact phrases unless you put a "&" in between each word.

So I'm looking for something better.  I've searched for days looking for a solution that's easy enough to put on a web page that I don't have to learn a new programming language to implement it.

I found some rather long code examples in C#.  I don't speak C#.  I've only just started to learn VB 2005.

Is there no javascript search or anything?  This seems like it's way more difficult than it should be.
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megninAuthor Commented:
Well, that doesn't use Index Server, which is a requirement.  I have a catalog set up with an index of a single directory of files.  Those files are the only files that are to be searched.  I don't want to search my entire intranet or the Internet, just 84 files in said directory.

This "webbot" came from FrontPage 2000 and works except that multiple words must be separated by "&" characters or they are treated as an exact phrase, even with no quotes:

<!--webbot bot="Search" S-Index="All" S-Scope="DOCS/Policies"
S-Fields="timestamp,DocumentK,weight," @"rank,docauthor,doccomments,docsubject,doctitle,filename"
S-Text="Search for:" I-Size="40" S-Submit="Start Search"
S-Clear="Clear" S-TimestampFormat="%m/%d/%Y" S-CiMaxRecordsPerPage="10" S-CiMaxRecordsInResultSet="100"
TAG="BODY" b-useindexserver="0" S-FieldsEx="rank,docsubject," startspan -->
<form action="_vti_bin/shtml.dll/policies.htm" method="POST">
<input type="hidden" name="VTI-GROUP" value="0">
<p><b>Search for: </b><input type="text" name="search" size="40" value=""> Separate multiple words with "&" characters except for exact phrase. </p>
<p><input type="submit" value="Start Search">
<input type="reset" value="Clear"></p>
<!--webbot bot="Search" endspan i-checksum="38253" -->
megninAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the "B" grade, el79.  I did specify I wanted to search using my Index Server and gave you over 24 hours to respond again.  I though a "C" was a bit harsh even though all the criteria was met for a "C"...

C: If you have given the Expert(s) ample time to respond to your clarification posts and you have responded to each of their posts providing requested information, or if the answers, after clarification, lack finality or do not completely address the issue presented, then a "C" grade is an option.
(Note: The use of a C in a vindictive manner is likely to be changed by a Moderator.)  

I am still using the webbot above for lack of anything better and have just added some instructional text next to the button:  "Separate multiple words with "&" characters except for exact phrase."
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