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Troubleshooting MySQL Server on CentOS 5

I am, by far, NOT a SQL guru.  That being said, I can't determine what's broke to even begin to troubleshoot/fix it.  

The Linux server that this affects was completely overhauled, and subsequently got a MySQL server upgrade.  I've copied /var/lib/mysql from the old drive in its entirety, but... the sites that use PHP to query MySQL databases via links, nothing happens when I click a query link; it just seems to reload the page.  Why?  Well, I suppose it's because it's not able to connect to the database to generate the query, right?  However, it's not outputting any errors to the browser on any of these sites.  

I believe that I've probably overlooked something, and any shove in the right direction would be great!
1 Solution
Start with enabling debugging output in your PHP scripts. Then you'll get (probably a lot) info on the screen what happened. If you still need help then, post errors you got after enabling debug output.

To do so, you need to find your php.ini file, and set
error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

Then restart your web server and run php script again.
don't forget:

display_errors = On
rcns2317Author Commented:
The issue was that PHP globals aren't on by default, fixed this morning.

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