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Color problem with display of Dell Inspiron E1405

I have a Dell Inspiron E1405, and all the display colors have changed. For instance, black is white, and red is blue. I'm not sure what to do..
2 Solutions
Hook up an external monitor see if it acts similar? If not, you might have backlight or inverter issue.
Also check for malware and any settings in the Display that may have caused this.

I hope this helps !
could be the cable ? try moving the screen it about and seeing if the colours flicker to something more normal. (i realise its a laptop) but their ribon cables are not perfect at all times.

maybe the default theme has changed in windows. Go into the settings and set it back to a normal windows default theme and see if that fixes it.

Failing the above i would say you're looking at a more screen related, back light type issue. Does this issue persist in the POST?

Maybe even set bios defaults once again.
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Dell has online technical support.  Do you have a service tag number on your Dell Inspiron?
olafydstieAuthor Commented:
i hooked up an external monitor, and the colors are normal on it. does this mean i have a backlight or inverter issue, and how would i fix those problems?
sounds very much like the screen itself is your issue, most likley either the back light or inverter.

The only possibility of it being malware or something that could be resolved with a reinstall of your operating  system would show if the issue was apparent during boot before the windows loading screen appeared. Having said this the colour range before the splash screen is limited, so it may still not be effected.

Sounds very much like you have a screen issue, most likley fixed by return the manufacture or purchase of a new screen and fitting it yourself if you feel able.

While you are at it i would purchase the cable that attaches the screen to the motherboard itself, you may want to try that first...it wouldnt take a lot for the cable to break, and it is potentially a very cheap fix (if it is not part of the screen itself, sometimes they can be pluged in and out quiet easily...on others its not possible).

Good luck!

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