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Crystal Reports XI: "Failed to save document."


I created a new report using an existing, and similar, report that contains 15 sub reports.  Now when I try to save the report I am getting "Failed to Save the document".  I changed the DataSource, changed the links (both for the main and subreports), and verified the database.  The db is new verifying without error messages (after correcting a few issues), however I'm still getting the same error.

I found the following link, but I wasn't able to fix the issue.


Appreciate any help... I've worked on this thing a long time and I'd hate to lose it!
2 Solutions
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
what about the SUBS..are they saved as CRXI....? with correct datasources..etc..etc..????

I've not encountered this error..but seems like you'd need to deal with the SUBS...like the MAin....???

Have you tried opening each of the subreports up?  You don't necessarily need to change them but there may be something hung up on the datasource that only updates when the sub is opened...
jgerbitzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input.  I kept deleting subreports and fields in the hopes of isolating whatever it was that was causing the error.  However, despite actually deleteing *everything* except for a few text fields, the report continued failing to save.  No idea what caused it.  Either way, I decided it was better to simply start from scratch by creating an entirely new report.  A total pain in the heini, but I'll chalk this one up to experience.
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jgerbitzAuthor Commented:
B only awarded because solution not found.  Input still appreciated.
I was having pretty much the same problem. My report connected fine and always displayed the current data, but the 'Failed to save document.' error kept coming up, even with <Save as>.

The datasource was a SQL Serrver 2000 stored procedure with a different name than the original datasource. Annoyingly, Crystal always keeps a reference to the original name, no matter how many times you map it, however mapping it again cured the error.

I never ran into this with Crystal XI, and I just upgraded to Release 2. Anybody think this is a Release 2 bug?
I was experiencing the same problem not being able to save. My issue was resolved by deleting a JPG file (company logo) that was in the Page Header.
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