Client PC's can't see our agencys website that has the same name as our Active Directory domain

50- windows xp pro workstations

1-2003 file server ( w/ Active Directory (

1-Windows 2000 exchange server ( w/ Active Directory (

To my knowledge neither server has DNS installed.  Both servers referer to an external DNS for web for primary DNS.  There are some minor AD replication problems between the two servers but thats a different problem

The problem here is that the xp workstations run GREAT when there primary IP is set to (exchange server) but the just run ok when primary IP is set to (2003 file server)

the workstations run SLOW when their primary IP is set directly to the external DNS

So I have decided to set the primary DNS to and everyone is happy... except for 1 problem-  the users with the ip of .249 (and .250 for that matter) cant see our companies website  They can see all other websites just fine but not ours.  Our website is hosted somewhere else and the name of our website is the same as the name of our Domain.

 So I am guessing that the clients are looking to my server for the address and when it is not there it says page not found, instead of going out to the web to look for it.   Any suggestions on how to get my clients to be able to see our website?   Thanks!!!!
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In DNS Manager, go to forward lookup zones
Right click ''
Select New Host (A)
Enter WWW as the name and put the IP of your web site
Click 'Add host'
"To my knowledge neither server has DNS installed"

Look more carefully: you can't run an active directory domain without DNS.

"the xp workstations run GREAT when there primary IP is set to"

I guess you mean the primary DNS?
That's how it should be: clients must have the internal DNS as primary.
Don't put any external DNS on them.

Each DC should point to itself for DNS.
You will add the external DNS as forwarders on your internal DNS servers.

Refer to this article to configure forwarders:
i agree with nightmare2 regarding forwarders.  they are probably a good idea for your particular problem.

however, nothing in your AD domain should be named "".  all you need to do is create a manual A record for www in your "" dns zone on either server and point it to your real website out in the public and make sure users access the website via "" rather than "".
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JCHDAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have set each server with it's primary DNS as itself and all the clients are pointing to .249

I have also set up forwarders to the external DNS on both servers.

Everything is going good, except we still cant see our own website.

How do I create a "manual A record for www" in DNS that points to my website?
JCHDAuthor Commented:
nightmare2-  I got to that screen, and when I went to find the IP address of our website I found out that we do not have a unique IP from our webhost.  I called them and they said that it would cost an extra $5 a month to get a unique IP for our site.

Is there another way to get around that?  thanks
nightmare2Commented: A IN 3600
Not you ?
JCHDAuthor Commented:
No no no.... I was just using "" as an example domain... our real website is named something else but I didnt want to post it for security reasons.
So what do you mean by 'not unique IP' ?
Dynamic IP ?
Multiple IPs ?
jchd, from what i read up there you ARE able to get to the website from the public internet and not from your internal network, right?

If that is the case then you need to create a new A record INTERNALLY, forget about your ISP.  find your DNS server (probably any of your DC's) and then follow nightmare's directions.
JCHDAuthor Commented:

Yes, I can get to our website from the Public Internet.... AND I get to our website if I am logged on locally to our server.

 I just cant see it from the clients because the clients are seeing "" website as and there is no website to be found there.

I realise that I did have DNS installed on the Exchange Server, and now I have installed it on the File Server so it is on both servers.  

So how do I set up an a DNS record that gets the clients to realize that the website is not located on .249 or .250?
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