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Setting up a proper domain.

I have a server 2000 computer and a server 2k3 computer that i'm trying to get working together. I want to assign permissions for the network. the problem is i don't know much about setting up two servers to work together. I would like to set them both up so they can have groups and permissions and such but i know it's not possible to have two computers being domain controllers. so my question is, how do i get server 2003 to be the domain controller and hand out permissions to files and folders on my server 2000? and please be simple. Thanks.
2 Solutions
OK this is not only possible but quite simple. and if the other machine is a Windows 2000 Server then it CAN be a domian controller as well.

Start with the Windows 2003 machine. Make it a Domain Controller by running DCPROMO from the command line see http://www.petri.co.il/how_to_install_active_directory_on_windows_2003.htm

If you just want the Windows 2000 machine to be on the domain then you need to set it with an IP address and subnet mask on your existing domain and make sure that its preferred DNS server setting points to the Windows 2003 Domain Controler. To join the doman right click "My Computer", select properties and on the Computer Name tab select Network ID. Enter the details for the domain as requested.

If you want the Win2000 Server to be a DC as well then just run DCPROMO from the command line again and select "Additional Domain Controler for an Existing Domain"
StrategicGnomerAuthor Commented:
Could not contact the domain. I don't know how to do any of this and that doesn't seem to work... anyone know why they can't find each other?
Did you configure DNS on the domain controller?  You need to configure your DNS zones and add records for your servers so they can communicate.  Without DNS being configured on your DC you're not going to be able to run your domain correctly - you should do this before running dcpromo.  If you need help setting up your DNS, please let me know what you've done so far and what problems you're still having.

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