Block a website and redirect it to your company website in windows SBS 2003 Std server

i have blocked a website in my sbs 2003 server by creating a forward lookup zone in DNS and then adding a host enrty into it. So the website gets blocked and is not accessible. Now i wanna redirect it to my company website but i only get option to fill in IP address . So i ping it and the IP address that i get doesn't take to the desired website. We are getting the website hosted from some company outside.
Any help will be appreciated
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If you add the IP address to the A record that you crreated to block the site that should do he trick.
Blocking websites like this sort of works in a crude way - if you want more control and less hassle then install and configure a proxy server - you may already have one in the form of ISA server depending on which version of SBS you have.
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