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Solaris networking with pc's

Hi,   I have a solaris box and tow pc's at home . How can i set them up so that solaris box and the pc's comminicate with each other and also when I am in my office I want to connect with the solaris box and pc's by tlnet.
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What type of communication do you need between the Solaris server and the PC's?
dbahuAuthor Commented:
I have tons of files  on these systems that I need to access by using telnet,  ping or humingbird
Have you setup your Solaris box in your network?
What type of Solaris box do you have, Sparc or x86 pc?

You need to know your network info before you can start, eg.
give your Solaris box a valid IP, netmasks, router IP, DNS server
infor etc.

You can run "sys-unconfig " to unconfig the box, then reboot and fill in all the network infor to make your Solaris box accesable in your netwok.

once you get your Solaris box on the network, you can setup your PCs to the network, and use telnet or exceed (humingbird)
to access to the box.

To transfer file you need to use FTP/secure FTP.

BTW, it is not a good idea to use telnet to access to the box, plain text password (insecure!), consider install secure shell to your Solaris box and use secure shell to login to the box. (it also comes with sftp).

You can download openssh from:

also have a look at http:Q_21115700.html

Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
To set network address for Solaris server:
a) Add entry into /etc/inet/hosts for this server
b) Add the servername (or IP address) into a file called /etc/hostname.<intf>, where <intf> is the name of the network interface (use "ifconfig -a" to fin out the current names)
c) If required, add the IP address of your default router into /etc/defaultrouter
d) If necessary, activate DNS client by creating a file /etc/resolv.conf with contents like
     domain           mydomain.org
    And copy /etc/nsswitch.dns to /etc/nsswitch.conf
e) To enable FTP and telnet check internet daemon config. Depending on Solaris version!
   Which Solaris do you have? Solaris 9 or 10 ?
f) Make sure your PCs "know" the Solaris server (either via DNS or by entries in lokal hosts file)
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