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i am using apple airport extreme router at home. i have a cisco vpn connection on my laptop when i try to connect through my vpn connection in my office it works at office i use cisco router. but when i try to connect from my home using apple router it doesnt allow me to connect. is there any way i can open ipsec open or something on apple router can some one help me in this.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Use the Airport Extreme Utility Application .. it is for OSX
If you've only a Windows PC .. use this

You'll need to open the relevant port such as 443 for SSH access
Strange, I use the Cisco VPN client with an Airport Extreme with no problems.  There should be no reason to open anything on your Apple router.  You say it works from within your office, to your office?  Is it possible you have a local IP in the host entry of the VPN client?
romeiovasuAuthor Commented:
randdv8 where can i check that one. i mean local ip on the host entry of the vpn client.
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Go to the connection entries menu and click modify. You should now be in the properties for "your VPN Connection Name".  The "Host:" entry is what we're looking for.

I understand it works at the office and fails at home.  Have you tried this connection form any other location with success?
romeiovasuAuthor Commented:
not solved
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