Is this normal behaviour for Exchange/OWA 2007 Junk-Email Folder

Is this normal behaviour for Exchange/OWA 2007 Junk-Email Folder?
If users only use OWA with option set for automatic filtering, is there any reason why it is not filtering and relocating the spam email to the Junk E-mail folder?

If user starts using Outlook 2007 client, then it will inmediately start filtering and  relocating the emails, but this is not the case if the user stops using the client and goes back to the OWA, it will keep getting the spam emails as they stay in the inbox unless obviously gets rejected by Edge or Hub&or by any restrictions or policy.  SCLs and thresholds are set default and FF is setup at Edge.

Thanks a lot!

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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be that the spam is actually being sorted by Outlook's built in junk mail filter. When you open OWA, obviously the Outlook client isn't running to do that check so it all gets delivered to the mailbox.

You should be able to set IMF with an SCL at the mailbox store too (you can in E2003) so have a look at setting that up. It could also be that IMF is doing its job correctly but Outlook is doing a more thorough check or something.
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