Cisco 801 Series swap over

Hi Experts,

I have two cisco 800 series routers.  i want to swap one with the other.
i know the logins to the current one which is up and running, which is to be swapped.  I do not know the settings or logins to the spare one i have.  i have very limited experience with these routers.
can i export the settings from the one in use and import them into the spare one i have.  or is their an even easier way.  i gather i will also need to reset the spare one i have.  is the cisco fast step software of use here at all.  thank you
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Jan SpringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need password recovery to get into a Cisco device if you do not have the credentials:

You have two options:

1) get a backup of the configuration on the original device
2) get rid of unnecessary lines
3) put all global configs at the top, pay attention to order if one part of a configuration relies on the existence of another part of the configuration
4) copy and paste the configuration


1) backup the running-config of the original device to an ftp or tftp server
2) put the replacement device on-line after changing the ethernet IP and gateway to match the local network
3) tftp or ftp the backup running-config to the new device running-config
4) copy run start

And sometimes configurations can be so similar it's just a matter of making a few small changes.

Do verify that the IOS is recent on the replacement device or at least not older than the original device and that the IOS has the same feature set that you will need.
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