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Array Drive Numbers

On a 380 G4 server, how do the front drive bay numbers (0 through 5) correspond with the array number and the SCSI IDs?  I got a mix of two 36G drives and four 146G drives.  Drive bays 0=146, 1=36, 2=146, 3=146,4=136, and 5=36.  Position 1=36G drive went bad, and I swapped it out with what I thought was hot spare in bay 5=36g.  Now with bay 5 being empty (replacement on the way), is it normal for the Array Config Utility to be reporting this?:

Controller  Smart Array 6i Controller
Bus Interface  64-Bit PCI  
Controller Location  Embedded  
RAID 6 (ADG) status  Disabled  
Hardware Revision  B
Firmware Version  2.36
Rebuild Priority  Medium  
Expand Priority  Low  
Current Surface Scan Delay  15 sec
Number of Arrays  2
Number of Logical Drives  2
Number of Physical Drives  6
Physical Drives Attached to Port 1 SCSI ID 2, 146.8 GB (Parallel SCSI)
SCSI ID 3, 146.8 GB (Parallel SCSI)
SCSI ID 4, 146.8 GB (Parallel SCSI)
SCSI ID 5, ( Failed ) (Parallel SCSI)
Physical Drives Attached to Port 2 SCSI ID 0, 146.8 GB (Parallel SCSI)
SCSI ID 1, 36.4 GB (Parallel SCSI)
All Physical Drives Assigned  Yes  
Array Accelerator  
Present  Yes  
Cache Status  Enabled  
Accelerator Ratio  75% Read /25% Write  
Total Memory on Controller  192 MB  
Battery Pack Count  1
Battery Status  OK  

This looks really confusing to me.  And why would one 36G drive and one 146G be on port 2?  Totally new to this, so be kind.  ;-)

Also, when I run the Array DIagnostic report, it's reporting:

SCSI Port 1, Drive ID 5

      Drive Model:         COMPAQ  BF0368A4B9      
      Product Rev:         HPB4
      Serial Number:       K205APSK
      Drive Type:          0x00 Parallel SCSI
      Block Size:          512 bytes/sector
      Total Blocks:        71140192 sectors/disk
      Reserved Blocks:     1088 reserved sectors/disk
      SCSI Inquiry Bits:   0x3E
      Stamped for M&P:     yes
      Last Failure Reason: 0x12 (Hot plug drive too small)
1 Solution
The reason the numbers dont work is theres actaully two channels on dl380's so the 0-5 numbering scheme doesnt work so well.  

The best way to locate drives is use the built-in rom config SCIS Array util  that appears during boot-up.  Usaully you have to push f8, f10? i believe to enter config util.  Then enter and view the members of the RAID, as you highlight each drive it will blink the corresponding LED on the drive.

andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
>And why would one 36G drive and one 146G be on port 2?

Doesn't matter much to the RAID 5 but for the RAID 1 the advantage of having one 36GB on channel 1 and the other on channel 2 is that it will still work if you lose a complete SCSI channel.

> Last Failure Reason: 0x12 (Hot plug drive too small)
Hmm, that's not meant to happen when you replace a cmopaq disk with another compaq disk. Is it still in warranty? You have to order the same part number it says on the spare part label of the drive that has been replaced in bay 5. Your server might still be in warranty - check the S/N at http://h40059.www4.hp.com/warranty/index.php

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